Full treatments

  • Do you have a specific emotional or physical issue holding you back ?
  • Are you running on empty ?
  • Do you need some time out to nurture yourself?

Receive the full benefits of Reiki with a fully individualised treatment.

Give yourself some time out to really unwind or to focus on a specific health issue.

I use traditional Usui, Angelic and Seichim Egyptian Reiki depending on your needs. If you have physical or emotional pain, are recovering from surgery or just want to clear out old patterns then Reiki and Sound Therapy may well be the answer. I am happy to discuss your individual needs and how Reiki and Sound Therapy could help you.

Website special: Mention this website to get a discount of $10

Call 0427 890488 or email info@olivetreereiki.com to arrange an appointment.

Full treatments are available from Monday to Saturday.

Treatments are available at 139 Baskerville St, Brighton. Click here for a map.

Price for Reiki treatments:

Initial Consultation $110 / $90 concession ( can take up to 2 hours)

Regular treatments $90 / $80 concession ( 90 minutes)

Training to become a Reiki practitioner also available. Please ask me for more details.


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