Life Coaching

  • Are you living the life you know you are capable of ?
  • Is procrastination holding you back ?
  • Are you looking for a way to break through to a new level of living ?

I am a strong believer in coaches and mentors. All my life I had the benefit of people around me who were willing to teach me and show me how to the best at whatever I chose to do. Whether this was canoeing, hill climbing, in academics or adventure travelling I was open to their teaching and eager to learn.

andy_murrayLike many people, I used to think that coaches were for professional athletes. It always amazed me how a coach could make an immediate impact in an athlete’s life. The latest example I’ve seen is Andy Murray, the tennis player. He used to be a player who choked, who would get to finals but then be overawed by the situation. As soon as he asked the old champion Ivan Lendl to coach him things changed. Now he has won the US Open and the Olympic Gold Medal. He didn’t become technically better overnight. What changed was his mental focus and clarity.

I have seen this in my own life. Since I started being coached my life has improved immensely in terms of achieving goals and breaking through mental barriers. I am very grateful to my coach and to my Reiki Master who helped me clear old blockages which were holding me back from the life I wanted and knew I could achieve.

I am now looking to give back by coaching and helping others to achieve their dreams. I offer a number of packages depending on your needs:

Coach 4 Success IMG_8492

Monthly coaching + 2 Reiki treatments
$1633 value,  Special price: $1297 save $336

Personal Breakthrough
12 months Coaching + bi-monthly Reiki treatments.

$1993 value, Special price: $1497 save $496

Total transformation
12 months coaching + monthly Reiki treatments plus 10 sound baths

$2613 value, Special price: $1897 save $716

All of these packages come with my total commitment to helping you make the leap to the life of consistent success that you dream of. I believe in the power of coaching and Reiki so much that these packages come with a money-back guarantee. If after 3 months of following the program and taking the steps to change your life you are not seeing results I will gladly refund the coaching fees, no questions asked.

Call me today on 0427 890488 or email me and book your FREE strategy session.

I look forward to working with you and helping you make a difference in the world.

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